650R: petcock filter

I think I have found the source of all my carb. problems, with the Edlebrock and stock carb. the stock filter tower thingy inside the tank has turned into a crusty, flaky mess. the filter material is crunchy and most of it is missing, and most likely passed through my engine, and there is hard green salt looking stuff filling up most of the the filter tube and the inside of the valve body.

the main gasket that the handle slides on and seals between Off, on and res. looks like black rubber but its hard and crusty around the openings too.

If you have been plagued with sticking float valves like me, you might wanna check your fuel filter too.

Thanx for the insight....what year is your bike...... :ride:

The bike is a 2004, with all the goodies and mod's I learned from Thumpertalk. Thanks again ya'll

BTW. i never used any additives. Just Chevron premium.

desmo, what kind of fuel were you using? How old was the fuel and how long was it stored in your tank? What kind of additives were you using?

A little heat, a little moisture and some time is the recepie that oxidizes stored fuel (especially in plastic containers), which in turn creates gum, varnish & resin. Oxygenated fuels (especially derivites of methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol) stored in plastic containers that are subjected to heat and moisture will have a greatly reduced shelf life as opposed to storing this fuel in a sealed metal container that's kept cool at fairly constant temperatures. If your fuel smells sour or like varnish, then it's past time to get rid of it.

The only additives we regularly use in our gasolines are either Sta-Bil or FP60, both of which reduce oxidation (anti-oxidants) and corrosion of metals (corrosion inhibitors & metal deactivators). FP60 also has some cleaning properties, but these products have never caused us any issues and allow us to keep our fuel fresher for longer periods of time.

If you use a fuel stabilizer, only use it with fresh fuel. Adding fuel stabilizer to old fuel is a waste.

This problem is nothing new, and it happened to me also, and left me stranded with the carb puking fuel all over the place, since the little flakey pieces stopped up the float needle valve and let the fuel pour through.

I had to buy a whole new petcock/filter assembly, . . and then noticed the rear shock link was riding to the right side and wearing down the aluminum really fast...

I like XR's, alot. . but I sold mine just over a year ago because I was sick of searching the web for how to fix all the little problems. I'd already spent a lot of money on a dual sport kit and uncorking/jetting and was sorry to see it go.

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