Monty? Stoneyford Nov 4th Lets ride

Hey Monty is the ride still on for the 4th. I am heading to Philly on Sunday and wont be back until Late, Late Wed so I will be out of touch but I am definately in if you all are going. I will try to gather some other troops as well. Let me know the details.

Mike in Roseville.

Mike, Monty is on a dual-sport ride up near Stonyford this week-end. Thats probably why he hasn't responded yet. I was supposed to go but got sidelined with a wrenched back. Paul


I spoke with Monty a couple of days ago and the ride is on. He's at a dual-sport ride at Middle Creek (Clear Lake) this weekend. Pauly, are you going on the 4th?


Mike, I am definately planning on the 4th! I'm taking it easy this week-end to get my back healed up as quick as I can....Getting old sucks! :)

So Mike are you going? IF so the invite is still open if you want to get to Sac on Saturday night and head up on Sunday. Let me know and we can make arrangements. I am going to be in Philly until Thursday and we can talk then or I will check this post as my lap top is only a click away. let me know.

Mike in Roseville

hellooooooo!!!!Monty are you home


Mike I e-mailed you,i TRYED TO POST BACK BUT IT Wouldn't TAKE THE POST.So I am at my comp, at work and it's working ok.Lets meet at Bill&Kathy at 8;00am sunday the 4th,should be some good riding with the rain comeing.


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I am hoping for rain!

What about nvr fnsh?

Trying to get my trailer finished and service my bike after the dyno.



Too bad I discovered my roof leaks now....

Let me check with the warden.... Not sure if I'll be able to make it. What staging area & what time?


Brian meet at Bill&Kathy 8;00am staging at digger pines (little stonye)(cracker boxs) or any other name people use.


If I go I'd meet you at the staging area. B&K's is too far out of the way from Santa Rosa. What time at Digger Pines/Little Stony? Need to have all the data before I can ask for parole :)


Fixed the roof, and my bike just got its break in service.

I gotta work on moms ktm200 and pimp out my trailer.

I'm still in!

Brian lets try to meetat 9;15 to 9;30 at digger pines.


I'm out. I messed up my knee playing volleyball. It's my bad knee, ACL reconstruction and yes, I was wearing my brace. Give it a week or so & it'll be fine.


NVR FNSH Sorry to hear about another one of your injuries :) Have you tried a safer like OffRoad Motorcyle Riding because it seems like you are always getting hurt doing these extreme sports of yours (Vollyball & Basketball) :D To all who are riding or racing this weekend have a safe one :D

No wait a stinkin' minute you guys. When have I ever complained about injuring myself? I've pissed & moaned about damaging my bike but I haven't hurt myself riding in a very long time. Guess it's time to ride faster :) Seriously, my rebuilt knee gives me trouble every once & awhile but not all that often.


I wonder, can you get backs rebuilt? My back is in serious need of it. Oh well, i'll just duck tape it and take some Motrin with me. :)

Brian hope you get well soon, it should be a good ride this weekend with all the rain.I talked to my brother in law that lives at stonyford and he said 4in rain that should put the trails in nice shape.


So who all is going on Sunday. Monty, myself, John in Granite Bay. Who else?

Mike in Roseville

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