Monty? Stoneyford Nov 4th Lets ride

Mike (Silcon Mike) is going and poss, Huge. Is 8;00am at B&K OK WITH YOU GUYS?


[ November 01, 2001: Message edited by: MONTY ]

8am is fine. we will be there

Denise and I are ready.

I finished the trailer last night (Thanks nvrfinish) and look forward to meeting you at Bill and Katies at 8 am on Saturday.

I am hoping we can get a ways back into Stoneyford, I am sick of just riding the first 20 miles of it.

Is there a standard loop you guys ride?

Do you mind a woman coming along? :)

Hi SFO WE ARE GOING RIDING ON SUNDAY THE 4TH NOT SAT,The loop we will ride will be A or B rider loop, is your wife a good rider we will do about 50 miles with very little road, you are welcome to come just want to let you know about the loop.


HEY RICKY FULLER, Want to join us on Sunday?


Like duh, how could I miss that?

I would love to see your loop.

I think we'll just roll up solo tommorrow unless someone else want to join.

Yea, she's a good rider. Ahrma champion she is. Is there place to get a trail map?

Could you fax me one with your loop on it?

fax #1-415-865-1804

Thanks, Bill :)

SFO you will be able to get maps from the ranger are you going to digger pine sat,? if so the ranger will come by there his name is Mat, nice guy he will have maps.Some of the loops are not on the maps and I don't have the maps at work or I would fax them to you and for some unknow thing my home PC want let me post on TT ie. pass word wont work unable to log on I have e-mail TT and they are unable to fix it.


Denise an I had a great time on Saturday!

We got a trail map from the ranger station and went to little stony to stage.

Perfect fall day!

Matt was at the cowbell so we didn't see him.

Do you ever assist the rangers in trail maintenance?

The 440 was hooking up and ripping! I love my new motor!

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