who sells fork gaurds for 650R?

I am looking to get rid of the accordion's on my front forks and get the sliders like the inverted forks use. I've seen them on many bikes but can't find a supplier that sells them. i know the stocks work better but they look goofy with my moto wheels on :ride:

The ones you see are modified XR400 fork guards? Likes these?

The front axle hole on the disk brake side is threaded to 10mm X 1.25 and a hole is drilled just above the hole in the disk guard cover, then a seat bolt (from the exhaust side, the one that has the lip for the side cove) is used with 8mm spacer behind it.


No thats not what i am after, but thanks! I want to remove the rubber boots and put on sliders like the inverted forks have, but they are for conventional forks. i have seen pics of them around this site so i know someone must be making them. if anyone has any idea where i can get them please let me know :ride:

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