XR600R Cylinder Compatability

I was wondering if a 1996 XR600 cylinder could replace a 1989 cylinder. I looked up the part numbers and the 1989 cylinder is part# 12100-MN1-672, and the 1996 cylinder is part# 12100-MN1-680. The cylinder and head gaskets are the same. I imagine the only difference is that the 1989 is nikasil plated, and the 1996 is not.

Since my 1989 cylinder is a little out of spec, and it is nikasil, I was hoping I could use this 1996 cylinder. I have not purchased it yet, so I can't really compare side by side.

Any info would be very helpful.


Yes your right here, the cylinders have indentical specs except that the '91 on part has a steel liner rather than a nickelsil liner. I've used a '94 cylinder on an '88 bike and it fitted without any mods.

Thanks. I'll consider this 1996 cylinder as a replacement.

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