YZ coolant overflow tank?

(for those who ride hard in the woods on their yz's) just a question, anyone put a coolant overflow tank on their yz like the wr's have i know you would have to customize it somehow but wonder if anyone had done that......

i was thinking about it cuz sometimes in races i would overflow(basically only if i got in a sticky situation like a mud bog, slick hill climb etc and lose a bunch but then i got a high pressure rad cap seems to work.....

but still i was wondering if anyone has done this.......just curious


ahh my favortie word

using a turkey baster you can easily rig one up. some people use some sort of tubing but i forget the deminsions at moment, and they have it right in front of their rad. :ride:

i heard the plans were floating around in the CRF forums....

I'm getting ready to add a recovery tank to mine. The Motion Pro bottle looks a bit bulky and I'm not sure where I would mount it. I think I'm going to get the WR bottle and hoses. I think I need the WR number plate too.

hey thanx for the tips, i think ive actualy seen guys use like empty water bottles........im gonna devise something, thats the best part coming up with something that works from scratch :ride:

check out my garge. I threw one n mine. It lookes clean and is easy. The side panel only needs minor trimming

Turkey baster overflow on mine for the exact same reasons you spoke about.

Coolante recipes...


Plus, do a search for 'coolant recipes', to try new stuff. After I added my new coolant recipe it doesn't spew near as much anymore. Actually, it doesn't spew at all.

The turkey baster.


My bike....


i put the wr one on my yz, it works perfect. you dont need a wr #plate, just trim your yz one a little and bingo!

I'm going to try the wr overflow tank for my 06 450. If I buy the stock tank, does everything I need come with it or do I need to get some extra stuff? Also, how do I trim the plastic so that it will fit?

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