stock carb problem, may have ruined it

alright so i already know i am stupid. without making a six page story on how upset i already am i will only tel the problem. my slide and bore of the carb have some deep gouges in them. i can physically see them and they feel pretty bad. is this something i can fix with some soft sand paper or something, or am i looking at a new carb. i wish i could tell you more about the scratches but the slide itself isn't that scratched but the inside bore of the carb has some nasty burrs on it. i have no clue how sensitive this stuff is and how perfect it needs to be. i know if this was a cylinder wall i wouldn't be putting a new piston in there. thanks for any help

If you don't mind a stock carb. Ask here if someone has one. A lot of these guy's want the Edelbrock. I bought one off frankstr with all the hop up parts for 100 And I am very pleased :ride:

Depends on how bad it is. Carbs do wear out. The slide is harder than the bore so most of the damage tends to be the on the bore. If the slide moves I wouldn't sand it too much, maybe just a bit to remove the high spots. Proper operation relies on the slide to bore clearance being tight. As it gets looser air leaks around the slide. These air leaks screw up the operation of the carb.

If it's bad you can always try a carb off of ebay. It's a lot less than a new one.

Try sanding it, if it don't run right try posting here for a used carb, there should be plenty laying in peoples garages who have installed aftermarket carbs.

Time for a'll be glad you did..... :ride:

dont read the edelbrock problems thread in that case

Man you may have done yourself a favor! It will probably work okay as long as the slide moves up and down okay. If not put an Edelbrock on. I'm not kidding its the best thing I ever did to mine and next was a steering stabelizer. All those finiky idle drifts and unexplained stalls just go away, and it is so smooth.

edelbrock is on order. i did read that other thread on the valve sticking but hopefully i won't have much problems with it. hopefully this mod is as good as you guys say

What air filter are you running?

What air filter are you running?

i am confused as to why this matters. but if it matters i am running a uni i think

well debris could be coming through the air filter and this could have done it

as far as the damage to the carb. it was all my fault. nothing failed except my own stupidity

i sanded down the burrs that were on the slide and in the bore and will put it back together tommorow. still go the edelbrock on order but would be nice if i had a back up if something bad happens.

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