A funny thing happened.....

I was on my way home the other night and I was behind a big white pickup truck with a camper shell on it. I was looking at the back and all the stickers on the window and I saw one that looked familiar.

There was a big THUMPERTALK.COM sticker as well as a moose sticker and others. So I pulled up next to the guy and I yell a couple of times and he never looks. I yell a couple more times and he still doesn't look. Oh bye the way I'm on a motorcycle.

Well I keep yelling and finally he looks over. I ask, "Hey do you post on thumpertalk?" He says, "Yes." Figuring the only guy I saw that was in my area had earlier made reference to a new hot start button I ask if he is the guy with the Zipty hot start and he says, "Yes." Wow, small world.

All because of the internet I guess. I gotta tell you all, I guess, its in my profile anyway I ride a motorcycle for the Highway Patrol. I understand everyones frustration with the CA DMV, I'm right there with you.

Oh by the way the form for correct lighting....its a CHP 888 not 777 like that guy said earlier but that was pretty close.


Do you ride the Summer Games??


I rode the 4-stroke class 35 and over European scramble this year at Hollister. It was a great layout. Did you go?

I think I finished 9th. 19 started and 15 finished. It was my first race on that bike. It really was a great time. I didn't do any moto-x it conflicted with my other events.

Last year I didn't compete either because of conflicting events. I was there though, that was another good time. We played softball at that field of dreams park. It was sweet. We are fired up about next year already.

Where do you work?

No, I was recovering from knee surgery. I did not get to ride last year either as we hosted the event and I coordinated the races. I'll be back next year at Santa Ana. How did you do??

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