Cable clearance & higher bars

How much height can I add on the bars? I'm waiting on some new Mini High bend bars that are 4.7" rise, that equates to ~1.1" increase over the stock renthals and have the Tusk adjustable risers (+1.5"). Will give a total 2.6" rise over stock. What I'm concerned about is if there will be enough slack in the cabling (throttle/clutch). Is there any way to get some extra slack out of those? I can turn the throttle upside down to gain some distance (that shouldn't matter as long as I put the new grip on oriented correctly) but, I'm not sure what to do with the clutch.

Anyone encountered this before? Any suggestions? Thanks guys, appreciate any help or ideas.

you MIGHT be alright with the thottle and clutch, what concerns me is the front brake line. You may need to remove (cut) the anti-rotational knob where the banjo bolt is at the brake resevoir, to allow the cable to come in at a more shallow angle.

notice the more shallow angle achieved by the brake line in this picture.


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