Buzzing sound from oil pump?

I changed oil and filter and switched to Castrol Actevo 20-50 because of a recommendation. I fire it up (XR650R with under 1000 miles ) and hear a buzzing sound from the oil filter/pump housing. I did a search and see that it is pretty common with thicker oil. I ride 5 miles total to work and back everyday and hit the dirt less than i'd like every other month or so in the desert or Baja. I live in San diego so the the temps are pretty warm.

Should I dump the 20/50 and go with a lighter Castrol Actevo oil or stick with it? Why does the pump buzz? I have parked it until I get some info.

...I did a search and see that it is pretty common with thicker oil...

What search terms did you use to find this as being pretty common? I also ride one of our 650R's a couple times a week on the street. We use 20W50 in our 650R's in addition to straight weights and we don't experience buzzing from the oil pump.

You did get the oil filter installed in the correct direction, yes? It may sound silly to ask, but at one of the shops where I've moonlighted, I've seen it happen from time to time.

I typed in "Buzzing" and read plenty of posts about the oil pump. I am also 99.999% sure I put the filter in right but anythings possible. Curious if this Castrol Actevo is the culprit.

When I had my 650R, that was one of the first weird noises I heard. The buzzing oil pump. I re-checked the filter placement, took the pump apart and checked tolerances per the shop manual, and everything was normal. I decided to just ride it and that the noise was 'normal'. Neither the engine nor the oil pump ever failed on that bike, so I guess it's not a big deal.

The only oil I ever ran in that bike was Honda GN-4 20w-50w. And the pump still buzzed. I figured it was because the pump was located on the outside of the right crankcase area, where you can easily hear it operating, instead of like the older XR's, where it was located lower in crankcase and deeper inside the crankcase where it's not as noticeable to hear.

That 650R was the most mechanically noisy engine in a bike that I've ever seen. Not only the buzzing, but the knocking and ticking too. . Never figured out what all that was about.

that would be the valvetrain, i havent noticed a buzzing from the oil pump though probably because i cant hear it over the valves with my aluminium bash plate

Mine does it also. I don't think it is anything to worry about.

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