Spring behind oil filter

I just put in my CRT oil filter in my 2006 yz450f and in the directions it said use the stock spring. I took out my oil filter and found no such spring. No mention in the manual either.

Is there one??????

4 stroke newby,


I changed my oil filter today on my 06 YZ450F and there is no spring behind the filter.

There is no spring behind the oil filter of a YZF, and never has been. However, the OEM type filters have a "seal" on the inboard end that functions as one. The Scotts does not use it, and sits directly in the case. I assume the CRT is the same. The filter should hold the cover off its joint slightly when the cover is held in place with the screws loosened. That shows that the seal on the outboard end will be compressed when assembled.

I have a similar filter in my CRf450. They use a spring to maintain the filter seal that is switched over when you put on the new filter. The Yamaha motors don't have one. I bet the instructions are universal for both makes / models.

Thanks guys, Grey, that was the case with my CRT filter. It has one rubber pad inboard and the cover was snug. They are the same size when held next to each other, the OEM just had 2 rubber pads and the filter itself was shorter.

Calvin, I suspected the instructions were universal. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the info!!


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