Oil Change help please(new to 4 stroke)

I did a search on this topic and found a ton of threads on how to drain the oil and remove the filter but nothing on refilling. When I called the dealership they said to fill it up in the dipstick tube in the frame, not into the crankcase. What a pain in the :ride:. Does this seem right? Will the oil drain down into the crankcase or what? Sorry if this seems stupid but it's been bothering me.



PS 2004 wr450f


2004 wr450 has an oil fill hole on the left side of the case.

Read the manual, and do what it says....no matter what some idiot mechanic tells you.

And if you dont have a manual, ante up the 60 bucks and BUY ONE. It is worth 10 times as much.


Or download one form the web

Timo Mc

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