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did a four hour enduro last sunday. it was a 2 + 2 and the track was a 6km tight woods and sand run in puddles and mud with steep climbs that i made 4/5 which saw me on my arse about 20/100! running 15T x 48T the bike lugged and lugged even when i was falling off and both legs were around my ears!

i got out of first three times a lap and then only to get into third once per lap.

anyway i filled my clarke tank up to halfway between the two screws on my opaque tank.

when i came in after two hours it had dropped to the lower screw, so i thought that i'd take a chance to leave as was.

i put it straight to reserve as i just wanted to run out and not know. just how i like it!

each lap we came to a 100m "hillclimb" and i jumped off onto the banking to join the spectators twice before i looped it on another. what a beauty! you've never seen Taffy move so quick as i got out the way of that!

next lap around and about to clock off, i ran out at the foot of the "hillclimb". with only 1/2 a mile the other side i wasn't gonna stop now. so in best clark tank tradition i threw the bike on it's side to get the offside fuel to the left (we drive on the left, remember!) kicked her up!

with no fuel visible someone said "you're not going to try that hill with no fuel?". "watch me!"

nay problem!

finished on fumes. as they say "come along enjoy the ride!".

great fun for four hours on just 2.5 imp gallons.

used to do the Manx GP on the TT circuit on the old Ducati Pantah based TT2 and could get 38MPG at an average 100MPH lap.

oh! and after i'd looped it and it was upside down in the gully, two blokes had to help me throw it upside down again just to extricate it! started first time much to everyone's amusement.

just for your amusement gentlemen!


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Great story, Taffy. Glad you made it through the loopout! I know what you mean about moving as fast you've ever done before!

I am curious about your gearing, though. I run 13/49 and 13/50 for enduro type riding in the US. Did you have any stalling problems? Just curious, I wonder if you could use 2nd/3rd gear more often with lower gearing w/o clutching to avoid stalling. Or is it your magical jetting cobination?


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it's a combination actually. this has more to do with the human factor than mechanical science. i've been doing a lot of "green laning" as we call it and also the top end jetting is easier to get right.

also the club i raced with are known for their long straights down the farmers field etc so i've been happy to be lazy.

that race though was a totaly different track and yep! i would like to have gone to 14 x 50 as my legs can't keep up with the "footboards" as you ride in a 1' rut in slurry.

the other half is the jetting. it's now all but impossible to stall it. i didn't lean far enough forward at the beginning of a steep climb and what with the wet seat started to slide back, i couldn't touch my feet down and as i got nearer the top of the wet climb i was rolling the throttle off.

on idle the bike went from under me and as i held on to the bars "exited stage left" through the woods without me! even when it's on it's side it runs longer!

the real change came with the _ _M needle and getting down to 40/38 PJ you could sense that it was about right.

finally when i went to 35PJ i had to turn the "idle" knob out 1/2-3/4 turn to get the revs down.

glad you liked my "hairy tale", i shall live off that one down the boozer for a while!


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