'85 XL600R compression check question

Just bought an 85 XL600R with 12,000 miles. It needed new tires so I took it to the local Honda dealer and had the valves adjusted and a compression check done also. It seems to run strong and but I thought a compression check might show how much life might be left before a top end rebuild was neccessary. Here's the interesting part. I called in to find out what the compression was and the mechanic stated 120psi! According to the Clymer manual it should be within 5 to 10 pounds of 175psi. I brought this to their attention and the service manager stated that the mechanic said his gauge could be off and that he had taken the bike out for a ride and it seemed to run fine. Yeah........ The service manager then told me that every bike is a "little different" and not to worry about it. I doubt they even did the check. Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated as I'm not very mechanically inclined. Whose right.....Clymer or the mechanic? Thanks.

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