You all probobly know this already...

... But the XR650R's nickname could easily be "Unfair Advantage" when you're riding trails. I just got back from 6 hours of trail riding, and that bike eats it up like its nothing. I'm +1 in the front and pretty much left it in second gear the whole time. Meanwhile, the smaller 4 strokes and mx bikes were shifting constantly and "keeping it on the pipe/cam", and not making any better time through the woods.

You can focus on the trail a lot better when you don't have to focus on the motor.

That's cool. I hope Honda doesn't blow that functionality when they redesign the bike. BTW, what do you mean when you're +1 in the front?

BTW, what do you mean when you're +1 in the front?

Changed the stock front sprocket to one with an additional tooth (14 to 15 IIRC).

Exactly. I ride it on the street too. My fear was that the taller gearing would have a negative impact back in the trails (we have a lot of mean, mean hills), but it seems the uncorking more than balanced it out.

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