06 owners check those Steering bearings..at every 6hrs

Guys just to reiderate what Wyatt - I believe, let us know last week or so...I noticed my steering was binding slightly after the bike sat for a while. I have 6hrs on mine right now - I disassembled and greased when brand new. At 6hrs the top bearing and bottom is getting a lot of water in it - more than normal for any 450/426/400 I have had. I do not pressure wash either - very alarming that the top bearing has rust as well as the top raace at 6hrs. I cleaned, scrubbed and repacked / regreased top and bottom again....I am a steering bearing abuser user by nature but this is ridiculous....there has to be a better sealing thingy to seal out the water.....

My problem exactly!!

Try maybe putting something like lizard skin on it(The foam stuff not actual lizard skin). They make them for headsets and a bunch of bearing areas on bikes so maybe you could possibly modify one to work on the dirtbike or maybe modify some seal savers.

Hopefully, when you picked the bike up from the dealership, you also took apart the steering head assembly and re-greased everything. That alone will go a long ways in keeping the bearings happy. I pull mine apart every 5 hours to check, but I did the initial re-greasing of the entire bike when I picked it up new...

Are you using marine grease?

Are you using marine grease?

Belray waterproof grease -

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