Mate says wr450 will eat the piggie?

I'm not one to ride other peoples bikes so i won't be testing this. My mate runs an enduro club and after having a few beers we were talking about bikes. In short he said a WR450 would eat a 650r. I said it may be lighter but i don't think there's much out there that would eat my piggie. He kept on about it but i just left it there. Any takers?

in the woods yes, in the desert or open areas no, and even in the woods the 650 with tall gearing seems to have a nice advantage (read the you all probably know this post)

For the last time...

its the rider not the bike, Any highly skilled pro could eat a mid level biker under any riding conditions on a far lesser machine

besides anyone who doesnt ride red is just jealous and feels threatened, so they gotta talk smack

well for a comparison like this, one would assume the riders were of equal skill

Here is why I think we should be able to get one, they race in the same clas as the YZ250 two-stroke, I raced one of those two weeks ago to about 70 ish and absolutely ate its lunch, probably 3-4 car lengths to 70 from a dead stop in the dirt. Even if the 450 is quicker than the 250 would have to be ALOT quicker. The quad with the same engine is pretty quick too since it has overall lower gearing and essentially almost perfect traction...I raced one of those to 70ish as well (with a 120lb kid at the helm) and I only bested it by a few lengths as well. The YFZ450 quads run about the same as the 250 two strokes. This is with my 650r having a 15T CS sprocket which did take some of the edge off. I would feel confident running the 450s..especially if the race is longer than an 1/8th mile. In the trails the Yamahas will leave us behind assuming equal riders.

I doubt the WR could eat the Pig, a good friend of mine has a WR and drag racing it is fast but he weighs about 100lbs less then me and we were neck and neck. If we were the same weight then no contest he would have been eating dirt and rock from my rear tire.

Put a 51 tooth on the rear and you will not have many staying up with you in any gear. The tall gearing of the XR650R does make it take a bit longer to get into the meat of it power band.

Eat it for how long? 100 yards, 1000 miles?

you cant compare a yz250f to a wr450. the wr450 has wider gear ratios, and also has a higher top speed.

I'd say the wr450 would win if both bikes were stock and had equal riders. It would be nearly a draw if your bike is uncorked and the wr stock. I raced a stock yz450f many times and it is very close, up to his top speed of 80mph of course. A yz should be faster in a drag than a wr. This was on pavement, when we race on dirt, i smoke him everywhere. I also smoked a cr500 by a bike up to his top speed. If my bike was geared like these others bikes it may be much faster. PS- i am ordering a 13 tooth cs sproket for raceing my buddy.

you cant compare a yz250f to a wr450. the wr450 has wider gear ratios, and also has a higher top speed.

read it he said 250 2 smoke

Chain a bus load of nun's to the back and race them up a sand hill.....too many variable's to say who would eat who. :ride:

I guess we were talking about a drag race as its hard to judge any other way.

the pig will munch a wr and then some in a drag

I own both and if you're talking a drag race the XR will smother the 450. However, in the woods...I hate to say it buy my Yammie will tool any XR.

If you're talking tight singletrack, first and second gear stuff, the WR250 would smoke both. :ride:

I've ridden both bikes. There's no comparison in the open stuff..the XR rules there. The newer 450's are certainly better in the tighter terrain (as a 450 should be) but as many have noted before...the older 400's really do not feel a lot more agile there then the 650, and have no where near the motor.

The XR will only run a WR in the open with a very capable rider, otherwise the WR rules.

To the WR fans who think this is true of the WR;

Tell that to Scott Summers, he'll laugh harder then I did. When the WR, WINS, as much as the PIG, let me know!! Any harescrambles, GNCC or what ever the R runs in, if it doesn't win the race it wins the championship, even out of it's elliment. If the WR runs in it all like the R does, where are the victories, and I know it doesn't stand a chance in hell in Baja or out in the open. In fact geared right, not much does. So the next time you need a reality check, look at the wall of VICTROIES!!!!!!!!!!!! You will think someone drove a stake, or PIG, through your heart.

The XR will only run a WR in the open with a very capable rider, otherwise the WR rules.
Actually in the open with ANY technical stuff with a very capable rider! :ride:

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