I see why they make a steering damper for the 650R now...

Was riding at around 50-60ish through some ruts and boy howdy did she like to headshake, I was able to get out of by staying on the gas and using a bit of arm strength(although I suspect it was more staying on the gas and luck than my arms). I experienced this twice while out riding, the second time was my own dumbass fault, I was fiddling with the GPS when I hit some more ruts..Doh. Do the dampers make a huge difference?

There is a reason that the Scott's damper was called one of "the most influential products of all time" by dirt rider.

I use the GPR damper. Actually the XR650R is a very stable bike but like any other bike in the gravel or sand the damper effects can easily be felt. I like GPR but the price of both units is getting so close that next time out I will try a Scotts. You always here good things about them.

Yes, they do the dance! :ride:

I won't ride without mine..... :ride:

I use a GPR damper on my XR supermoto and works very well

before i would get headshake when transitioning very aggressivly

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