WC Radiator Braces

I just recieved a set of rad braces for my 06 YZ450F. They don't come close to fitting. I think they are YZ250F braces packed by accident in a 450F package. [B]Does anyone know if the 250 and 450 rad mounting holes are different?[/b] The braces are about a quarter inch short in length on hole alignment.

Every other product I've got from WC has been excellent, so I think there's some kind of packaging error.

My WC rad guards fit my 06 450 perfect. Must be a mis-marked package.

I put a set on last week. Fit and workmanship was excellent.

Actually it could be a good thing they don't fit, send them back, get your money back....then go out and get a set of Devols.

The Devols are much, much, more stronger than the WC's...especially the way the radiators hang down so much....

I really want to stay with WC. I'm sure it was a packaging mistake and they'll make it right. The other stuff I've gotton from them has been top notch.

kpflyingv, contact Shawn at WC, his extension is 201 I believe. My cages didn't fit quite right on my 06 either, and he was very helpful in trying to help me sort out the problem. He even sent me a new skid plate at no charge because I told him how the first one I got didn't fit quite right, then threw a set of fender stickers in on top of it! :ride: The problem I had was the lower shroud bolts were a pain to get lined up, but it sounds like you definitely got a mismarked set. Talk to Shawn, he'll straighten things out for you I'm sure.

Thanks, I'll talk to him.

I did call Shawn and he was great in helping me resolve the issue. :busted: It was something simple that I was doing wrong.

They fit perfect, it's just that the nut installing them was a little loose! :banana:

Thanks again Shawn!!!!! :ride:

Glad to hear you got it sorted out :ride: You can send your "thank you" to me via PayPal :banana:

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