Putting Fuel scew in???

Well I was going to put in my GYTR fuel scew yesterday, and had trouble accessing the bottom of the carb :busted: . What is the best way to approach it :ride: . Do you rotate the carb so the bottom faces out, and if so how. Or do i take the whole carb out. I am thinking about just dropping it off at the dealer :banana: . Any help is appreciated.

the easiest way i found was to remove tank . remove the hot start from top of carb . that should give you enough room to rotate the carb . so that you can reach the fuel screw... good luck

All I did was loosen the front and back boots from the carb and rotated it. I didn't have to take off the tank or hot start. It took me about 5 minutes to do it. Make sure when you pull out the old fuel screw that the spring, washer, and rubber gasket come off with it. You need to install them on the new screw. It is so much nicer to just do a quick adjust now when I am riding. :ride:

I actually tried that, and it wouldnt move. Hmmmm. :ride::banana::busted::smirk::lol::lol::lol:

hey Tas what was your procedure to getting the right adjustment.

I am assuming you warm the bike up then adjust until the engine sounds...?

I did mine today. I major pain in the ass for such a little screw. I ended up taking the tank off and the rubber air chamber between the airbox and the carb. I also took off the hot start at the finger lever to free up the cable. Then unplugged the tps sensor wire at the junction about 6 inches up on the frame.

The carb still wouldn't twist quite far enough. The book called for taking out the rear shock but I just wouldn't do it. By spinning the top shock adjuster up and off the threads I got just enough room to twist the carb sideways and get access.

Then the old screw wouldn't come out. It got hung up on the spring and i didn't have any tweezers or anything small enough to get a bite on it and pull it out. I ended up dropping the bowl. Not a big deal at that point because I had enough room.

In retrospect, an electronics screwdriver or something similar may be able to get in there from the bottom. I didn't have anything like that at the time though.

I use a very small screw driver - 1.5inches long - to get the stock screw out. I do not have to move the carb. :ride:

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