what is my 04 wr450 worth?







I am thinking of going orange. Sorry :ride: , but I am getting an itch. My 04 WR450 (1066 miles)has many mods and parts that I will sell with it, but I don't know what it is worth. The bike has on it the following:

JD Jetting

Rekluse with tungsten balls, perch adjuster, long cable, rekluse cover

New sprockets and x ring chain

powerbomb header

renthal fat bar

tusk fat bar adapters, raises height

SDG tall seat

new brakes

new fork seals

Trail tech computer with aluminum guard

Works connection frame guards

Utah Sport skid plate

Spare parts include:

replacement chain guides for swingarm and sprocket guide (new)

8 friction plates (new)

Rear Brake line (new)

original clutch parts

original engine guards

original header pipe

original seat

GYTR and original pipe insert

Clutch cover gasket (new)

Fork seal driver

Let's hear it, what's it worth, any offers?

Oh, its also got Acerbis hand guards

in all reality, the extras dont add a dime to the selling price...Its sad but true.

If you want to get money back from that stuff, its better to take it off and sell them individually.

Aside from that, i think that 3600 or thereabouts is a reasonable asking price.

If the stock header pipe is in good shape (no dents) i will buy it from you right now.

email me


I agree with ARin, Its a shame that most aftermarket parts bring only a small fraction when the bike is sold.

Its the same with all of em. I always keep my take-off items to reinstall later if I'm upgrading to a bike that'll take the same components.

I even do the same with my H-D's

Bikes are worth whatever someone will pay. Advertise, always someone around who prefers to pay a penny more for already customized machine.

I just bought a well maintained 04 WR450 for $3700. I thought that a fair price, it had some mods.

So probably in the upper $3K range.

I'll purchase your skid plate if you sell it.



how many miles on that 04, looks pretty used. My 04 has 1000 miles and still looks new.

My 04 has 1000 miles and still looks new.

You need to ride harder son!!! :ride:

You need to ride harder son!!! :ride:

AGREED!! :banana:

Look, I am no superstar, but when you ride, you should actually try some things that push your skills. Occasionally you might dump the bike. If you have 1000 trail miles and it looks like new, maybe you should get off the pavement.

How about selling me your plastic? That might help my resale. :ride:

My brothers 04 WR just sold for 5100.00, not a typo. It had bad plastic, broken headlight and a YZ rear fender. It did have Unabikers, and the free mods done. Unreal. :ride:

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