Sprocket bolts gone

Has any body completely lost you spockets bolts I got done riding yesterday I only had three left out of the six I check them regulary and put red lock tight on them to they were brand new.I figured one of them would get jammed in the chain guide but guess not.At least there was know other damage. :ride::busted::banana: Make sure you check them a lot.

Have you replaced the sprocket lately? I wouldn't expect to loose that many in one ride. Were they torqued?

Ever since racing karts I got into the habit of using Loctite blue on every nut/bolt I I turn.

Be sure to closely inspect the sprocket hub, With half missing I'd expect to see a bit of 'wallering' around the holes which will accelerate future problems.

:ride: Once after I recently put on new sprockets one bolt fell off and got caught between the sprocket and swing arm. It ripped a little whole in the swing arm but wasnt too bad and wasnt near a weld or any thing. So it's still their.

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