Really Low Fuel Mileage With My WR

Hope you do well in the race, your mpg's should be better! When you check your mileage again let us know what it did with the red needle. Make sure you keep the fuel line away from the header on the IMS tank. I used some Hi temp spark plug wire covers over my fuel line from NAPA auto parts. I really like the tank but it does hold the heat around the engine. One thing about the tank its bulky size protects the radiators from the sides.

.....So with a 168 main and a 48 pilot, JD red needle 4th groove from the top you should get about 24mpg's at a fast pace.
I don't think this is very bad mileage at a fast pace with your setup. I don't know what temp or alt. you're jetted for or how fast a pace you ride, but I jetted a bit leaner than that when I recorded my 38+ mpg last summer (168/45/red#4,0-2000',80-90F), an 85/15 dirt/road dual sport. I surely didn't ride a fast pace; maybe moderate, around 15 mph avg + stops over an 8 hour day, if that gives you any idea. :ride:

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