XR650 stage 1

What is the best and what is the most cost efective way to free up the breathing on my stock XR650R 2001 also how can I check to see if the factory updates have been preformed. thanks :ride:

First, look at the tip of your muffler. Is the opening approximately 2" in diameter? To uncork, you will need the HRC exhaust tip or stock tip drilled 2", unrestricted intake (the smog version has an opening approximately 1/3 of the inner diameter, and minimally a larger main jet and carb needle modification. If you have a drilled tip or replacement tip and the bike doesn't run incredibly lean and hot then I would assume the other mods have been done.

As far as cheap mods, spend the $25.00 for a UNI filter, do a searech for the side panel mod and do it yourself (I did), make sure you have a 68s or 70s pilot jet and a few extra main jets ($5.00 each). That should get you in the ballpark.

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