06 450 slip-on exhaust

I crashed my bike yesterday and ruined my exhaust. All I want to put on is a slip-on,already has plenty of power. I am looking for a slip-on that is not too loud,close to stock. Thinking about the FMF 4.1. I could always add a mega bomb later. Thanks for any help,did a search but didnt come up with much.

They just did a test on pipes in the new Dirt rider they used a KX 450. I know it's the wrong bike but they tested a bunch of different pipes. Good Luck

I have the Factory 4.1. I like it a lot. Much smaller than stock, looks/sounds better for sure.

It's a bit pricy with the ti mid pipe for some people. FMF makes a powercore ti (for ~$299) that looks good for much less coin.

I use the FMF Powercore Ti and it's great. Quiet too.

I have the Factory 4.1 and its a really nice pipe.

Do some of you guys use the FMF 4.1 Carbon slip-on? I have an order on one for months now and it doesn't arive.

Do you see them in shops in the US or does FMF have a problem producing them?

Thank you for any info :ride:

The 4.1 is louder. If you want a pipe that sounds really close to stock, get the GYTR. However, do a search and you'll find that most people disliked the GYTR exhausts on the previous model-year YZF's. For 2006 they are all new. Check them out:


From what i hear, get the GYTR. I have talked to some guys at the local dealer, which also sell other brands, and they said that the GYTR is the way to go!!! :ride:

If you haven't got the carbon fiber can yet, I would try the aluminum one the carbon fiber looks cool but they are not really all there cracked up to be when it comes to durability.

I have a Carbon 4.1. Its awesome. It has taken some nasty crashes. Good as new. I ordered mine in Febraury, got it in like a week. :ride:

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