DP tire pressures on DOT tires

Those of you who have converted your WR's to DP's and use DOT tires, what do you like to run for tire pressures? I want to run higher for mileage but lower for traction. What seems to be the happy medium for these kind of tires, I dont want to hassle with constantly changing pressures. TIA

Depends what tires you have and what riding you do. If you have an aggressive dot knobbie tire like the Kenda Trackmasters rear and Michelin ac-10 front, you will not be happy off road with anything above 17 front and 14 rear. If you are using something like Trail wings (death wings) You might not want to go off road at all.

If you only ride on the street, who cares about fuel mileage. Just run what works best. Why compromise safety for fuel savings?

run the same as off road. 14 front 12 rear {or lower}. you will not notice any fuel range dif between 12psi and 25.

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