Yellow WR Finally Done

Here are some pics of my 01 WR. I just finished an entire rebuild. Black rim are on the way.





Looks beautiful! :ride:

Where did you get the graphics kit from? And I assume that it is black and white (only) and all the yellow is coming from the plastic?

Nice :ride:

Very Nice - I Like the way the retro yellow is making a resurgence in popularity :ride:

wow awesome! how did you get a yellow headlight assembly?


Brings a tear to me eye

I bought the hurricane hanna kit from One Industries, which is yellow plastic, seat cover and a graphics kit which is actually yellow, black and white. The kit will not fit on a stock WR because of the seat and tank are different from the YZ. I already had a YZ tank and seat so the plastics just fit right up.

I used some paint for plastic and just sprayed a new stock headlight assemebly. It turned out to look good and the paint is fairly durable too.

I had the frame powder coated by JW Little in San Diego. They do moto frames all day long so I didn't have to chase any threads and only had to sand a few parts.

I don't even want to ride the thing, because I don't want to get it dirty.

beautiful !!! I love the retro yellow and black !!!

Sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That looks like a fun project to do. but... what were your riding while you bike was stripped down to the frame?

If I had a "second" bike to ride, I'd like to do that. I'd need one bike to ride, another to experiment with.

I wasn't riding anything during the project. I did the rebuild in about 2.5 weeks so it wasn't that long. That included putting some gears in the trans , which is what started this entire thing. It would have taken much less time but I had to wait for the 4th wheel gear to come from Japan. I only missed one Baja trip, so it wasn't too bad.

Tell us what brand and stock # for the paint. on the headlight housing?


Looks great-can't wait to get started on my 04.

I am usually not a fan of yellow but that looks sweet!

Looks factory made! Sweet looking bike!

The paint I used for the headlight housing was KRYLON FUSION for plastic. The color was 2330 Sunbeam. It is a dead match to the one industries yellow plastics.

man thats a bad ass lookin baike lol i got a yellow ranger 2 go with it lol

Very nice bike! I love the retro yellow so much, I was thinking about the YZ over the WR. I guess you CAN have the best of both worlds!

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