Need a quieter bike...FAST!!

Hey guys, you've really helped me in the past and need to lean on you again. I've got a 06 WR450F with a FMF Factory 4 exhaust. This bike is very loud and I'm going to White Rock Arkansas this weekend. First, does anybody know if there's a noise limit there? If so, what would you suggest to get this bike below the noise limit. I've checked the FMF website but nothing jumps out as far as a silencer. If anyone could post a link I would greatly appreciate it. I've got to get this thing quieter by Friday night. Any help would be awesome!! :ride:

I found it....had to look a little deeper on FMF website. Sorry for jerkin' everyones chain.

And....what did you find ?? :ride:

And....what did you find ?? :ride:

Probably the Q2

I have the Q2 and it is not very quiet ! I was at Gorman and road in a enduro and did not pass the sound test 96db was the limt an they gave 2db I came in at 99.8 :ride: so I had to stuff steel wool to pass wr did not like it!

for me the louder the better!

WOW, they test you there?

Cali is getting bad.

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