WR450F key switch

Hi guys, I have just ordered a keyed ignition switch and green led from a company called RS Componants (£65 UK). So will be attempting to make my own mounting plate and wire to existing bike system this week.....wish me luck. (keep getting told ''plumbers shouldnt touch electrics'')

Yeah, water and electricity.....and don't you use 240 volts for all domestic power in the UK? Honestly though it should be easy. Some time ago there was a post with a wiring diagram for wiring in an ignition switch and other street goodies, but I've lost the link.

Keep us posted with PIC when done. It may help others who follow suit and start to do their own mods.

Also put up a link to the RS mob...if you have it.

Good luck, if you run into difficulties just ask for help. :ride:

My ignition should be in this week as well. I'll try to document the process when I install it and post up here too. I don't imagine it being difficult, though I want to make a decent mounting bracket. That will probably take the most time.

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