skid plates and radiator guards for wr426

Does anybody have any new info and likes/dislikes about skid plates and radiator guards?? Are the Devol radiator guards used in addition with something like the works braces??Thanks

First off, get a FULL COVERAGE skid plate, one that completely covers your frame rails AND water pump.

I have heard Flatline Racing makes a good rad guard. My rad guards wrap around the front, side and back of my radiator. I thought I had bought it from BajaRacing...(?) I know they were sold out of them for awhile. They could not keep up w/ demand.

I will check when I get home from work today, Sunday, and post if I find out anything better.


I'm using the Works Connection Rad Gaurds (saved me once) and a DH1 skid plate. Check out Located in Carson City, NV. Run by Dave Hamel good people do deal with. :)

the E-line carbon fiber skid plate has worked great for me! light and looks good, the fit is incredable. and I have also had great luck with the devol rad guards.... I put them on and have not crashed yet :) knock on wood!! they do look and feel like they will more than do their job!

I have the GYT-R skid plate. It bolts into you original mount holes and covers everything.

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