gytr flywheel and valve adjustment

I have the gytr offroad flywheel and have noticed it doesn't have the t-mark on it so when I went to check valve clearence I just lined up the puch marks on the cams with the top of the cylinder head. is this the best way of doing the check? by the way over 100 hours and the valves all checked in perfect.

It's reliable enough until you remove the cams. At that point, you need to re-establish the TDC mark. This is most accurately done by using either one of a dial indicator on a probe running into the spark plug hole, or a piston stopper screwed into the plug hole in conjunction with a degree wheel. The degree wheel is moved until it measures the same number of degrees before or after TDC at the same measured or stopped distance from top center. Then, the zero point will be correct.

For most users, it can be marked accurately enough simply by carefully eyeballing where TDC is with a screwdriver down the plug hole and marking the weight that was welded over the OEM timing marks.

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