Rotating foot pegs installed

This weekend I rode with my friend who said I had to try these Fastway (I could have the name wrong) rotating foot pegs. I did not believe these were going to be any good, so we traded bikes for a few laps. He purchased my old RMZ250 for a back up to his 450, so I know the bike well. I did not even notice they were on the bike. Then I got back on my bike and wow once you ride with them you notice you do not have them. He is sponcered by them, so he had 2 sets of Yamaha's in the trailer. We went right back to the pits and installed them on my 450, and I got a set for my 250 (going on tonight). Yes I had to pay well worth it. That 20 degees of rotation works with more foot contact when shifting weight around. His setting were factory tension & height, but you can adjust the tension or higher or lower height. Just wanted to share.

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