How do I dual Sport a Bike

Hi, I live in Ontario, Canada. I have a 2000 wr 400. I put all the required accesseries(brake lights, hi/lo beam, etc). But now how do i get plates for it. And does it need to be certified or something. Please reply only if you know what is needed in Canada.

You will need a bonified dual sport conversion kit with all the "goodies" and then a sympathetic mechanic to provide a safety inspection for you once installed. You will then need some luck when you take it to the MTO to be registered and hope no concerns come up with the VIN number re: off-road vehicle. It takes a little work (and some luck) but then again the WR isn't sold as a street legal vehicle! It's much easier to do from new.

Has the bike ever been blue plated before? Has it been green plated?

Do you have an Ontario ownership? You will have to get a safety from a mechanic and hope you don't get a bitchy chick at the license bureau.You will also need proof of insurance. I have heard stories about some guys having a hard time trying to get a blue plate after the bike has been green plated or never plated and some who have done it easily. Make sure you never tell them it is an off road race bike. Only use the term dual sport. If you have a hard time at one MTO office try an other close by. They never seem to be consistent. Most guys I know who have bought new just bring the bill of sale in and get a blue plate. I got mine in Quebec but the lad I got it from had it street plated so only had to get a safety to get the blue plate in Ontario.

Where do you live in Ontario?

Good luck.

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