WR 450F new 2005

i am just about to buy a new 2005 WR 450F with full road kit, i am going to use the bike on & off road.

How often should i change the oil & filter if i am riding on the road?

any other help would be great!



Road use will be harder on the engine since you'll likely run longer as sustained higher RPMS.

I ride trails only and change every 100 mi. I thinks it's a bit more than necessary but I'd do at least that at first and watch the oil for particles.

These things don't hold much oil. It'd be nice if someone made a external add on tank.

i ride my motarded wr as a daily commuter

i change my oil whenever it starts to go dark brown

which is anywhere between 400 - 600 km/filter every 2nd (mostly a week or shorter)

average speed is 65kmh with alot of 80kmh freeway time (im geared so i lug in 5th @ 60kmh)

all good so far with 5000+ km

running motul 10/40 synth

1 day at the track or in the bush my oil is toasted pretty darn fast

i really dont see how road use is harder on engine, on the other hand the long wheelies cant be good :ride:

Snap Ive had my '05 Wr450f 2 weeks now, it to had road kit. I have only done 37 miles so far as I had to wait for exhaust can, jettting kit etc.

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