Blown Engine?

Need some help here please. My 02 WR 426 ran fine at the end of last season and now it wont kick over. Pulled plug and still cant get the kick starter to move.

Is there a possibility that this is something else other than the engine? Any suggestions on troubleshooting this?


Can be one of many things. I would start from taking clutch side cover (whole cover) off to see if kickstart gears can operate free and you can also rotate crank from there. If nothing then open stator side cover checking that nothing prevents crank from turning and then finally go up opening valve cover. If you left bike from running engine, piston should not freeze if you didn't left your bike outside under a snowpile all winter.

Timo Mc

try putting your bike in 2nd gear, pull in the clutch and roll it forward, check if there is any resistance, then (carefully) release the clutch and roll your bike forward to see if its just simply locked in the place it stopped.

dont force anything, just a suggestion to maybe free it up.

If you supect a rusted piston ring squirt some WD-40 in the spark plug hole let it sit overnight. then don't kill the kick starter trying to free the engine. rock the bike back and forth in gear see if ther is drive train slack indicating that the transmission is not locked. Is anything else rusty? more checking on your part is in order. let us know what happens.

Mine does that when I forget to pull the compression release. :ride:

You must have some condensation in the motor that caused your rings and piston to rust to the cylinder wall, pull the plug and soak it with penetrating oil. Then break it free and hopefully you havent lost to much to the rust. Might need a new piston and rings.

my starter engine locked up once too...

turns out i had dropped a screw into the intake, and it got stuck in a valve.

it was an expensive repair. :ride:

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