What Trailer to get??

I am starting to go further for races and my regular flat bed trailer is not cuting it anymore. I would like to get an enclosed trailer but have no idea where to start. Everything I find looks to be 6' x 12' and that is just too big for me to store and tow. Does anyone make a 6' x 6' or maybe 6' x 8' enclosed trailer? Thanks for any help.

They make a 5X8.I had one about 2 years back.You could fit a full size bike and not much else in there.Unless you will ONLY ever be taking one bike I would suggest the 6X12.Much more room and you can get the tall ceiling so you can stand up stragiht in it.

I agree. Any smaller than a 6 x 12 and your waisting your time. Check the want adds. But better than that just talk to every one you meet. Thats how I found my 6 x 14 haulmark 2yrs old for $1400.00. You'll be suprised what you find when you make friends at the track.

I have a 7x12 Haulmark. I really want to upgrade, but I need to upgrade my truck first.

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