Race Sag on a stock Suspension

Hi Guys,

I have an 06 WR450 and I am trying to setup the optimal race sag.

I am 185 pounds and have backed off the compression on the spring to it's max adjusment but still only get 2.5" of sag when I get on the bike. I wouldn't think I need a softer spring as what I've read here is that the stock setup is usually for a 160-170lb rider. Being slightly heavier than that I figured I would need to compress it a bit.

What is the optimal amount of sag for a WR450? Will the spring 'break-in' and soften over the next few weeks? Or is 2.5" good enough?

Thanks (Yes I did search for this but it's disabled at the moment due to traffic.)


Mystery solved...

I was measuring your bike's sag incorrectly. It suddenly struck me, while thinking about it tonight.

I was measuring the difference between the static sag (bike on the ground without rider) and the loaded (with rider) sag. DOH!

We essentially needed to 'add' those two measurements to give us the race sag, which would put the bike at around 3.75 inches, which is ideal. (1 inch + 2.75 inches).

Next time we'll just use the unloaded/bike off the ground, and the rider on bike sag measurements.

False alarm due to pure stupidity on my part!!! Ignore this thread.


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