Best Tires for 450F

My 450 has completely demolished the stock rear 756 tire in a very short time. Unfortunately for the tire most of the riding has been in the southern california desert. I realize that I probably need a 739 or any other hard pack tire. Summer is here and now my riding will be mostly tracks with an occasional desert trip. I know that the 756 is a great tire for tracks, but since I do plan to take a few desert trips. Is there a tire that anyone can reccomend that may work for both types of riding? Something that will last?What about the front stock 739, any recommendations for the track? Please help! :ride:

i heard that 952 is good for all condtions!

Yah, mine was done a week ago, and i've only had the bike two. Just bought a Maxxis Maxxcross IT. Had one on my WR400F and its got 25 good days on it and it looks better than the Dunlop on my new 450. Wanted to give the Desert IT a shot but nobody had in stock in a 120/90-19.

I have a 952 on my 450f and it has held up pretty well.It has 5 rides on it and looks only like it has one.I'll probably be able to get a month or two out of it.Here in NE,all of our tracks are like concrete,so I'd say it is wearing awesome.I had a 739 on it before,stay away from those,it wasn't quite wore out yet,but it wouldn't hook up to save my life.I ran a MaxxCross IT on my 250f,and got about two seasons out of it,most of the first season,I rode on the average three times a week.I only bought a Dunlop because I got it for $10 cheaper than they were going to sell me a Maxxis.I got mine for around $60 with freight from North County Yamaha.

Just bought a Maxxis Maxxcross IT.

What he said.

My Michelin Starcross is lasting longer than anything else I've tried! :ride: I ride So Cal desert (Johnson Valley, Stoddard Wells) I replace it with the same, first time I've done that!!

The Michelin M12 is by far the best tire I have ever ran. Great traction from sand to hardpack and they last me more than a year.

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