02 426?????????/

ok so I found a 02 426 for $2500, at least thats what he's asking, bikes in good shape, the top end has been completely redone in the last month, excell rims, white brothers exhaust, etc etc, I'm sure I can get it for $2000 maybe even less. I've heard some bad stuff about the valves on these bikes and they're hard to start :ride: it also comes with a 6x10 trailer.

Should I jump on this? or are these bikes a big pain in the ars :banana:

any advice welcome....... thanks....

Absolutely no problem with the valves on this bike and it starts easily if you learn the drill. I would be more interested in knowing who did the top end and what new parts if any were installed before buying.

You say it's in good shape AND comes with a trailer??? Would be a no brainer in my neck of the woods. You could always resell and make a profit if it didn't suit you. I just paid $2600 for an exceptionally nice '01 without any extras. I'd be giddy if a trailer was thrown into the deal. I'm jealous. :ride:

What they said. Get a full rundown on what was done with the topend. But $2600 bike and trailer? Unless it's a totally crap trailer, it's a pretty good deal!

Yamahas have a rep for having the better valve endurance. They still need to be looked at, but they're really pretty good.

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