Dripping Oil

Hey fellas, i picked up a 2000 yz426 a couple months ago and have only riden it 4 or 5 times. Anyways at the end of todays trip after i loaded up i noticed engine oil dripping from one of the tubes on the left side of the bike. Is this normal, i did put the bike on its a couple of time today. Just want to know if this is leading up to something serious or if its normal after putting it on its side. Any info would be appreciated.Thanx :ride:

That's the crankcase breather, and yes, some oil dripping from that tube after a hard ride is normal. How much depends on how hard you ride, and what condition the rings are in. 2-5 drops in the truck is nothing to worry about.

Thanx YZer, appreciate the help. I can sleep better tonight. :ride:

yea if it starts shooting out like a blown fork seal then its time for new rings at least thats what I was told

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