New Chain and Sprockets = More Power?

G'day TT'ers,

This is just an observation I made yesterday after changing my chain and sprockets.

Chain Type RK x-ring takosago; Gearing 14:50

I can now wheelie in 4th gear! I knew that an old and stiff chain could suck up power but not to a significant extent. After the new drive gear was installed, I was pleasantly surprised as the front wheel pointed sky high after 2nd, 3rd and then a 4th gear wheelie down the road. My old stock chain after 3500k of mud riding was stiff, stretched and worn. I had always struggled to lift it in 4th but not now :). Anyway, just an observation....


Wow, talk about free horsepower (well sort of free, more like a by-product of maintenance). Did you maybe go to a bigger rear sprocket unknowingly (I've seen it happen :) )


I have kept the same gearing because it is perfect for my type of bush riding. I spoke to my friend who rides a 520 and he swears he feels the same effect after a new chain and sprocket combo. Not that a 520 needs more power anyway. :) Keep it on the back wheel.


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