Clutch problem on 04 450

My brother just bought an 04 yz450f a couple weeks ago, and when you pull in the clutch lever and shift into gear it will start moving slowly and steadily. it doesn't pick up speed its like the clutch doesn't fully disengage the gears. its also very difficult to go into nuetral. What is this caused by? worn clutch plates? or a bad tranny or what, the cable is tightened up so its not that. any input would be appreciated

sounds like you need a new clutch. hard to get in nuetril is a sign of worn clutch. if you have it in gear and the clutch pulled in and it still creeps that could be the plates or the basket or an unadjusted cable. but i would say tis the plates. i would go stock plates at less you entend on changing the basket. aftermarket plates wear out the basket faster.

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