Best option for CR brake line routing on 426

It seems there are a few different companies making mounting kits and brake lines. What is the suggested setup? I have read that some people have issues with the stock fork guards not working well (twisting and not holding the brake line in place). If I got the fork guards from an '05 450 does that make a difference?

The '05 or later YZ guards won't fit, but Lightspeed makes some that do, and even have the cable clamp mounting boss on them.

I used the white plastic ones and my original cable clamp (had to tweak it a bit) to hols a Galfer line.

For the 426, contact member oldblue here on the forums and get one of his clamps. I used one on my 426 as well as a CR style brakeline I scored cheap on Ebay and never had a problem at all. When you do the conversion, just make sure you trim your fork sliders ( the plastic part that clamps onto the fork tube with a single bolt) so that they are basically round with no more tabs on them and you will be fine.

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