my 5 day 2006 WR450 with pic (i hope)

hey how's it going every1? i just got my new 450 and man i love it i have not done all of the freemods yeti have the AIS removle kit but i'm not %100 sure if i'm going to do it my self seeing that i am new to thise hole 4 stroke thing and i have never messed around with 1 b4 well i just had a few questions here b4 i got i was woundering if it is reallt true that adter yout first 100 minle that you half to take your bake in and have them do a valve job? and what is this about 99 gas i have no clue on were to get that stuff from the best they have here is 91 and i'm not going 2 put in $45 for 5 gal of VP i know that but yea i got a really great deal on my bike i got it OTD for $3699 over at WWW.otdcyclesport.COM and but the way do u guys have any good places that you know of to go rideing i go by my self myst of the time seeing that none of my firends are realy into it i ride alot at texas canyon and groam but i was looking for something more woodsy i think that would be great well thatn you for your time and i hope 2 hear back from all of you BTW you guys have a really great board here this is what made me come to get the WR and not the CR-X thanks Allan :ride:

3699 for an 06?


i just requested a quote from that shop and got a price of

6399...which makes more sense. :ride:

Its not a valve job, it just checking the valve clearances.

Also, the AIS removal is very easy. if you can turn a wrench, you can do it...but if you going to have someone do the valve clearance you may have them do the AIS too.

I like the VP fuel but when you can get 93 at the pump the VP is overkill.

Since it doesn't sound like your a wrench, did you rejet the bike or have someone else do it? It will need done to really make it run.

Really, check the valve clearences after a 100 miles? I was thinking of checking mine at 500..?

I'm at 400 mi and haven't checked yet...

The valves will only tighten up and the bike will become hard to start. When this happens you will need to put some smaller shims in the buckets. I race regularly with my WR and I re shim my valves about every 2000 miles which is about once a year.

An 06 "OTD for $3699". I call Bull :ride:

it is MORE imperative to check your valve clearances after the break in period...There is alot of "seating" that will occur in this time period...

and after that, the need to shim should be less and less frequent.

yea i ment to say $6399 i was a lil drunk last night

3699 for an 06?


I'll take 10 right now at that price

thats what happens when you drink to much JAGER. your brain and fingers do 2 different things

Remember that when you want to go for a ride or drive and have some JAGER

these mods are typically pretty easy to do and very well instructed here on tt and among other places. if you are ever interested in either hitting the dez or something hit me i go at least twice a month. next ride is husky monument june for the 99 octane stuff do not worry about that pump 91 is ok as long as you are not going big bore or anything....

How did buying from them go? OTD has the best prices by far around here.

it couldent have been better :ride: i called them up the day before told them i wanted the bike they took down some info (name address ext.) got there the next morning with a cashiers check for $6399 and was out of there in less than 15 min the only bad thing was that i got stuck in the morning rush hour :smirk::banana::lol::busted:

4 sure that palce has the best prices around i went to yamaha or north holly wood and they said something like $8250 :ride::banana:

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