New to TT...Clutch Question

Hey everybody, I'm finding my way to this site from

I have a quick question about my 2002 YZ426F. I bought it from a racer, who had it fully built by Yoshimura (motor, full cdi kit and exhaust) it has a bunch of goodies on it, and the only thing that I'm having trouble with is the clutch. I was told it has a Hinson Clutch in my knowledge it's the complete kit, basket, plates, springs etc...anywhoo, the problem: When i try to get going, the bike doesnt want to slip the clutch at all. It just tries to lurch forward, or it stalls. If i baby the clutch, maybe taking 6 or so seconds to let the lever out, i can start rolling a little before i can give it any gas. If i give it gas before i let the clutch begin to disengage, the engine makes a high pitched chirp, then dies. I seem to think it's the clutch, that it just doesn't want to slip, it just wants to be engaged, or not.

the guy i bought it from did say that with this hinson clutch, you either go or you dont, theres not much middle a point of reference, the guy showed me some videos of him getting a couple holeshots on mcgrath... :ride:

Would it be possible to swap out springs? I'm not really that familar with what would allow me to slip the clutch a little more, i do a lot of trail riding, and some MX'ing, so i think id prefer a little bit of a less race style clutch for right now at least.

Sorry to make my post long, hopefully i didn't waste anyones time..If i can provide more info, please let me know.

Thanks everybody! Looking forward toa good future with TT!!


well i dont think any clutch should make a noise. mabey someting is grinding.

you should take it apart and look for grooves or sumthin see if its ok. i also heard of over tightening a clutch but not sure about that

Good old-fashioned clutch grab, that is. Assuming that the basket and hub are in good condition, try This Plate Kit. It's actually Hinson, as are all GYT-R clutch components. OEM plates for a 2001 426 will work, too. Be sure to use the 5JG-16383-00-00 CLUTCH BOSS SPRING and the 5JG-16384-00-00 seat plate. Another thing to check is the condition of the cushion unit in the basket/primary gear assembly. If the springs are collapsed or broken, it could cause grabbing. You should not be able to rotate the basket relative to the gear much at all.

What causes grabbing of the clutch? is it that the springs arent able to seperate the friction plates ? I'm the kind of person who wants to know every detail before i start unbolting things :ride:

Thanks for the info thus far!!


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