xr 650l subframe removal

can i remove the subframe and leave the stock fender on?i took off the stock taillight. this might sound like a stupid question but im an idoit when it comes to working on bike thats why i ride the bfp :ride:

you should be able to take it off cause I think its main reason for being there is to support the taillight assembly

If i remember right, the fender has to come off also but I'm not 100% on that. It isnt a typical subframe by any means, you could probably modify it so that you could remove the subframe unit and take off some pounds.

If you are referring to the bolt on under rear fender brace, I removed it with the original fender in tact, but put a small homemade aluminum brace across the under side between the two end rails. I used this in unison with the Acerbis taillight conversion and did not have a problem.

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