Footpeg replacement

Anyone try the Fastway Evo 3 pegs.

They can be installed in the norm position or in a lower position, (around -12.5 mm).

If your taller and tried these, did you like them?

At a little over 6ft at times I fail to get the toe of my boot under the shifter as quickly as I like. Same with the brake, at times my toe is under instead of over the pedal and these or the rotating Powerpegs seem like a solution.


I have the fastway 3 pegs and love them. 1) They do not fill with mud a easy as stock pegs. 2) Helps with comfort, more peg to stand on 3) To me it feels I have more control also. 3 of my friends have tried them and 2 of them have ordered them. Find someone that has them and either ride there bike or put them on yours for a ride.

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