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Ten Times

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Ever have one of those days when you go for a short 2 hour ride and......

- stall at least ten times and ALL of them end up on the wrong side of the slope for an easy kick start (at least it seemed like it)

- fall off ten times & then pick your bike up ten times

- curse yourself at least ten times for not having changed the rear tyre when you shouod have trying to eke that last ride out of it.

- curse 10 times in a row after accistupidentally putting your hand on the header trying to look and figure out what the strange wheezing noise is coming from the engine (hot start button left on....DOH)

- try to get up that technical climb at least 10 times and FAIL miserably each time and finally leave in discuts with your tail between your legs.

- thank god at LEAST 10 times you were smart enough to have bought really strong boots that stopped your ankle from being crushed when the bike falls on it.....

That was my ride Saturday.

Sunday, I felt like an old man.

Maybe mountainbiking next weekend :)

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