Need Help, 01' Wr426 Swamped! - Is It Done!

Any tips on getting my swamped bike back into action?

BACKGROUND - I just got my first 4-stroke, went for ride this wknd, and swamped the thing (tipped over in a creek). It appears the engine sucked in some creek water (air box and intake were dirty). I have not started it since (I tried 50+ kicks and pull start attenpts twice on the trail). Since home I cleaned the air box, intake, and carb, and changed the oil and filter. The oil that came out looked like chocolate milk, and there was definatly some water and dirt in it (filter was dirty and has been replaced).

QUESTION? - CAn I just put new oil in and try starting it, or should I take the valve covers off and try to clean out the rest of the stuff? I was unable to warm up the bike prior to oil change, so I'm sure there is plenty of dirty stuff in nooks and crannies. I'm hoping frequent oil changes will help clean out the "nooks" out over time. HOw bad is sucking creek water through the motor? Am I done?

change the oil, start the bike and ride it around.

drain the oil again...keep doing this until the oil stops turning milky.

I have also HEARD of people rinsing diesel through their oil system to help chase out any water...i cannot confirm or deny this however, as i have never tried it.

I'd pull the valve cover before doing anything and take a look at what's in there.

Also, look at re-routing the valve cover vent hose under the top frame spar, into the airbox.

Similar Story:

The "U-BIKE"

I had a riding buddie of mine ride his bike into the ocean at 60+mph. The bike was totally submerged in salt water. We took off the tank, took the plug out and tiped it upside down. Lots of water came out of the spark plug hole. We sprayed WD-40 in the cyclinder to keep things from rusting. We kicked it over with the plug out and then put the almost dry air cleaner back on the bike and then fired the thing right up. We unfortunety had to ride the bike out because we were on the beach in Baja far from any chase truck. We drained the oil later that day and found the same chocholate milk you described. But don't worry, my friend still rides that bike regularly and there is no major damage done to the engine yet and this happened a year ago. I pre-ran the Baja 1000 on the "U-Bike."

Sorry for the lengthy reply but I love telling that story. Oh yeh it was a KTM 525, go figure those damn KTM guys.


I wouldn't worry too much about the taking the valve cover off. Take out the old plug and spray some WD-40 in the cyclinder. Put in a new plug and start it up. Definetly do what ARin suggested with changing the oil a few times. Also put in a paper filter during this time, it will help soak up some any water left in the system.

Good Luck

Thanks guys! This makes me feel a little better, and I love the 60mph ocean riding story. I have to ask, was that on purpose?

I'm also going to dump in SeaFoam in the oil which is supposed to extract moisture from crankcases and gas tanks. Instead of the Yamaha stock metal mesh oil filter, you suggest that I get a paper filter, not sure where to get one? Also, how important is it to clean out the oil screen (on the front down tube), the nut is stuck?

The Ocean going KTM event was not on purpose. We were drag racing down the beach and rather than looking where he was going he was looking to see if he was winning..... He was but not for long. The beached ended and he kept going.

That screen in the front never pics anything up on my bike. I check it every couple oil changes and there is never anything in it.

Paper filters you can find on ebay. Other than that I'm not sure where to find them.

You will definitely need a new spark plug before it will start, I have never seen a water logged 4 stroke plug ever work again at least in the short term after it was wet. You have not mentioned that you pulled the plug out.

I have done this a couple of times and you can take your head off but I would not expect anything to be wrong. You may have done some hydraulic damage by trying to pull start it with water in the cylinder :ride:

As Arin said, multiple concessive oil changes (10 or more) and don't use the cheapest oil you can find unless it non-friction modified - your clutch will hang up for a while if you use the wrong oil.

It should run again and give you years of hassle free service if it was anything like my past adventures.

Good Luck :banana:


Let me were riding at Thielman with a friend named Dustin on a crappy yellow DRZ?? Dustin's a good friend of mine...and proceeded to give me an update re: his ride on Sat. Heard your story...huge bummer, especially considering the bike was just purchased! I was down there on Sunday...great ride, eh? Not quite like my old stomping grounds back in Colorado, but nice for out here.

There's at least one thing you can do to prevent this going forward. Route two of your carb vent hoses into your airbox. Unless your bike is completely submerged, you should be in much better that, no H2O will be sucked into your carb. There's another mod you can do which allows you to actually start the bike while submerged in H2O, but from my standpoint, you'd just push her out and start her on dry land...


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