go fast goodies for the blue monster (426)

what are some good go fast goodies for a 2001 yz426 I just want to know how extream I can get with this bad boy I have had it for 2 years and besides a PMB end cap it is stock as far as I know(bought used) and I dont like to leave stuff stock :banana::busted::ride:

cams, pipe, big bore....but all your doing is putting more stress on a 6 year old bike.

Like mentioned before....if your riding MX....spend your money on suspension.

The best go-fast mod you can buy is suspension work. Get it dialed in for your weight and riding style. The most powerful motor is useless if the rest of the bike can't handle it.

Well for trail goodies get some EMGO handguards from dennis kirk for the best bang for your buck, I just ordered a set of black unabiker rad guards and a Moose skid plate from the TT store. Running 13/51 gearing with JT sprocket in rear and FX seat and couldn't be happier with the bike except for the suspension which needs MAJOR work but that is next on the list. I have also heard very good reviews on REKLUSE clutches but I ain't no sissy so I don't need one

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